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Last Stormtrooper Run

Join the Guinness World Record breaking Running Stormtrooper of stormtrooperrun.com and prove that Stormtroopers can hit their target!

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Runners of the Lost Park

What is not to like about Indiana Jones? He is a professor of archaeology, he goes by the dog's name instead of his own, he fights Nazis, he keeps sacred religious artefacts safe and he really doesn't like snakes. All good things in our book (although snakes aren't so bad).

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Inca Trail

We have taken inspiration from the Inca gold, stone and the Inca cross to create the amazing medal for our latest event – The Inca Trail.

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MyRace Marathon

In 490BC, as he ran to Athens on what was probably a very hot day, we suspect Pheidippides had no idea what an impact he was having on the future of long distance running...

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About MyRace virtual racing

MyRace creates virtual running races to raise money for charity and rewards runners with awesome medals and goody bags. A virtual race is one that can be completed at any location or time, meaning you do not have to physically turn up to a race start line.

You could complete your virtual race in your lunch break, before work, after dropping the kids off for school, on a treadmill at the gym or you could walk it at the weekend. It doesn’t matter where or when you do it. As a reward for completing your virtual race, we will send you a great medal and goody bag. Not only that, money from every race will go to a selected charity, so you can run and donate to charity at the same time!

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