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Widow Maker

Are you trained as a spy by the Red Room? Are you also trained as a ballerina as a cover story?

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Stay Puffed

You don’t have to wear your proton pack, but if you do, remember above all else, DON’T CROSS THE STREAMS!

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Miles for Mermaids

This amazing medal is an original design by Alex Bertie and can be yours if you run, jog, walk or cycle 5km.

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About MyRace virtual racing

MyRace creates virtual running races to raise money for charity and rewards runners with awesome medals and goody bags. A virtual race is one that can be completed at any location or time, meaning you do not have to physically turn up to a race start line.

You could complete your virtual race in your lunch break, before work, after dropping the kids off for school, on a treadmill at the gym or you could walk it at the weekend. It doesn’t matter where or when you do it. As a reward for completing your virtual race, we will send you a great medal and goody bag. Not only that, money from every race will go to a selected charity, so you can run and donate to charity at the same time!

MyRace is registered with the Fundraising Regulator

Registered with the Fundraising Regulator

Our best sellers

  • Who runs the world Medal
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    Who runs the world

    £12.00 (includes £5 charity donation)
  • Gone but not forgotten - Virtual Race Medal
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    Gone but not forgotten

    £14.00 (includes £5 charity donation)
  • Stay Puffed Virtual Race - Medal
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    Stay Puffed

    £14.00 (includes £5 charity donation)
  • Norman Invader Medal
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    Norman Invader

    £14.00 (includes £5 charity donation)

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