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Celebrate the 12ks of Christmas with MyRace and the Griswolds. The perfect excuse to leave your Kith and Kin and get a little alone time!

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At MyRace Towers we love Christmas and to quote Clark Griswold, “The most enduring traditions of the season are best enjoyed in the warm embrace of kith and kin. Thith tree ith a thymbol of the thpirit of the Grithwold family Chrithmath.” Clark’s tongue may have been slowly freezing, but we get what he was trying to say – there really is no other time of the year like Christmas and the Christmas tree is a central figure in the perfect festive season. Therefore what better way to celebrate Christmas than the moment when the family tree is chosen. So many things to consider – Dad wants an 7ft tree but Mum says it’s too big. Does it look good from all sides (almost – we can put the flat bit against the wall). Is there a good spread of branches? Have we checked every tree? (yes we have checked every tree – let’s just pick this one and go home). Will it fit in the car? (yes, but you and the kids will have to walk).

Ah Christmas – the most wonderful time of the year.

So to save yourself from some of the madness, why not enter our 12ks of Christmas event – all you have to do is run or walk 12ks over the Christmas period. You can do it all in one go or split it up if you prefer – however you like is fine by us! It is the perfect excuse to leave your Kith and Kin and get a little alone time…

Ribbon Width


Medal Size (W x H x D)

80mm x 80mm x 5mm


Red Enamelled Metal




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