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Emilienne, Joelle & Fazili – our sisters in the Congo

Occasionally an opportunity presents itself which you instantly know is something you HAVE to do. When we were planning our Wonder Woman race and were looking for a suitable charity to support, we found Women for Women International. We hadn’t heard of them or they work they do but after reading about them for a few minutes we instantly knew this was the right charity for our race. Women for Women’s mission is to support the most marginalized women to earn and save money, improve health and well-being, influence decisions in their home and community, and connect to networks for support, in countries affected by conflict and war. The women they support have often experienced situations the majority of us will (thankfully) never have to, but Women for Women help bring them back from these experiences and support them on a new journey, one which will provide them with positive opportunities and the ability to better control their own destiny.

A key part of Women for Women’s work is their “Sponsor a Sister” programme – this is where anyone is able to sponsor a woman in a war torn region of the world to go on a year long development course. On this course they learn essential job skills to be able to earn an income and maybe even start their own business; learn about their real value and rights as citizens and receive basic necessities like nutritious food, clean water and a stipend for them and their families, so they can focus on recovering and learning new skills. The programme will also provide a safe place where they are part of a network of like-minded women, so they’ll be better able to recover from the horrors of war and rebuild their lives.

We were so moved by the Sponsor a Sister programme, we decided to sponsor 3 women in the Democratic Republic of Congo, rather than make a lump sum donation at the end of the Wonder Woman race. We are therefore very proud and humbled to share that for the next 12 months, our sisters Emilienne, Joelle & Fazili will receive training that gives them the tools to support their children and change their lives forever.

We really don’t want to think of Emilienne, Joelle & Fazili as just our sisters – they are the sister of everyone who takes part in the Wonder Woman race, so thank you in advance for your support. We will provide updates on their progress on a periodic basis so that everyone can hear how they are doing and the skills they are learning.

As a final note, when researching Wonder Woman we also learned some interesting facts which seem perfect for the virtual race and what we are all doing for our 3 sisters – Wonder Woman was originally created to represent the kind of women who should run society and rule the world. She is a courageous feminine character with all the strength of Superman along with the allure of a good and beautiful woman. Hopefully we can help support our sisters in the Congo so they can begin to be their own Wonder Woman.


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