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Happy Birthday to us!

It has been a while since we last wrote a blog entry… so we are clearly overdue!

At the start of April we celebrated our first birthday – what a year we have had! We are so pleased with the way things have gone and the way you have all responded to MyRace and got involved. Here are some high level stats:

  • Nearly £4,000 raised for charity
  • Nearly 1,000 medals sold
  • Over 500 runners taking part in our races
  • Sold out the D-Day, Gold Rush and Battle of Britain events and have a number of others with very few entries remaining

This is far better than we could have hoped for but we are not satisfied and are looking forward to increasing all of these in our second year – plans are underway for the events for the rest of 2017 to try to make them as interesting as possible whilst also supporting a wide range of charities. Our next event kicks off later this month and we are deep into the planning for our May race, one which we hope will feature as many MyRace women as possible…

One of the nicest things about our first 12 months has been seeing people enter multiple MyRace events – we really feel like we are helping to keep people motivated to run and get fit and when we can see people make running progress over a number of months, we know we are doing our small bit to help. Having a Strava group also really helps to do this – it is great to be able to give people kudos on their runs, see how their training is going and how they getting fitter and fitter. A lot of people have been training for Spring marathons so hopefully all the training will pay off and everyone will achieve their targets!

We also love to hear feedback from our runners – good or bad. So far we have been very pleased to only have good feedback on our races, but we always want to hear from you, so all is welcome – don’t be shy! It has also been nice to get some great charity nominations and they all get added to the list so keep them coming because it is always preferable to support a charity that someone has a connection to.

Right then – that’s enough for now – don’t want to bore you, but we really want to say thank you to everyone who has taken part in a race during our first year. We have been blown away with the positivity of you all and can’t wait to see what our second year has in store! Again, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Happy running,

Andy, Tom & Harry


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