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The origin of the medal species

I am not quite sure at what point I developed an obsession for medals. At first I ran to get fit and enjoy more of the great outdoors but then at some point I decided that my running had improved sufficiently that I wouldn’t finish last if I entered a few races. So enter them I did but I soon realised that not all race prizes were the same. Some races gave out t-shirts, but they were usually poorly fitting and made of cotton, covered in running club and random sponsor logos – not the sort of thing I would ever wear or find a use for (not even to wash the car with, as a lot of people would suggest). Other races gave out mugs. Race mugs go one of two ways in our house; 1) they are given to builders and tradesmen so it doesn’t matter if they get broken or left outside overnight or 2) they go to charity shops. Either way, I have never received a mug that I cherished or used myself.

But then there were the races that gave out medals. There was something so satisfying about finishing an event and having someone hang a heavy, shiny medal around my neck, like I was an Olympic athlete receiving my gold (even if I was finishing 427th in my local 10k!) But unlike the t-shirts or mugs, medals serve no practical purpose, so are actually less useful, but that doesn’t matter. I didn’t want them because they serve a purpose, I wanted them because they are a luxury item – an object in their own right – a pure reward.

Mo medals mo problems…

I would always hang all the medals I collected on the same bedroom doorknob, watching with satisfaction as they built up over the years. I have now got to the point where I collect so many medals over the course of a year that at the end of December I need to remove them all, hang them on a special medal hook in a different room and then start collecting again on the bedroom door. During January when there are usually no medals yet on the doorknob, I can see that the paint work on the door has been chipped away by the banging of the medals but I don’t care… My medal obsession is causing more house work for me, but I will be proud to someday repaint that door, knowing that my running is the reason why!

No medal, no me

And so back to the races. As a rule, I now don’t enter races unless they give out medals (my one exception is the Grizzly down in Devon, but that is an epic race which I simply love taking part in), but in general, no medal, no me.

So you’re probably wondering why I am telling you all this, but it is partly due to this medal obsession that led us to create MyRace. By creating virtual races with big awesome medals, we can help reward someone who is running extra because they are training for a marathon, someone unable to make it to traditional races due to conflicting schedules, someone lacking the confidence yet to take part in a race or simply help someone like me satisfy their desire to collect big shiny medals! Not only that, but we also support really worthwhile charities, so others benefit from our running and medal obsessions! So please check out our virtual races & medals because we hope that you will like what you see. We try to be creative with our medals and create something that we would want to earn, so you can guarantee we will always be the first people to take part in any of our events! Also, check us out on facebook where you can keep up to date with all of our upcoming events & news.

Cheers – Andy & Tom


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